Computer service, repair, and technology consulting

Monday-Friday 9-4 Extended hours available upon request.

professional IT service

Small businesses can't afford fullt-time IT help. We provide both onsite and remote services for your comopany.

Gain valuable

You and your staff can focus on core business functions, rather than researching and trying to implement new technology.

Improve productivity

Technology improves productivity by enabling communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

Leverage technology

Taking advantage of new technologies, allows your business to gain competitive advantage, rather than simply leveling the playing field.

 Technology Consulting for Small Businesses

Gain competitive advantage

In today's technology driven world, it is important for your company to have the right software and hardware, to drive your business processes efficiently. It is vital to maximize current technologies in an affordable manner, to remain competitive.

Today, most operations in a business are dependent on technology. Unfortunatley, most small businesses are uncertain how to effectively utilize current technologies and services, and to establish efficient workflow for their company. We aim to provide affordable technical consulting to help your company improve its productivity, and stay abreast of the rapildy changing digital landscape.

Technical Support

Remote Support
Quick and affordable! We are able to remotely connect to your computer and repaire many issues.
On-Site Support
Some problems cannot be solved via remote and require hands-on repair. (Hourly rates apply)


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